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Siem Reap

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Bayon Temple
#1 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
One of my favorite historical sites to see in the world - the huge carved facing looking NSEW and amazing - the intricate walkways and narrow passages are fun to maneuver through - MUST SEE!
This is within the Angkor Thom area so there is also plenty of other sites to view nearby; Baphuon, Royal Palace and Terrace of the Elephants and you should see many Buddhist monks walking around, some of whom lik...
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Angkor Wat
#2 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Amazing, after being on the pirámides of Mexico, Egypt, Great Wall of china, warriors of xian, red square, coliseum, and other amazing sites around the globe, when you get here you will feel wowed by its magnifice...
Beautiful ancient architecture & Amazing site for photographers especially at sunrise &sunset..A good tour guide needed to understand the history of the temple & significance of the structures.. be there early bef...
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Ta Prohm
#3 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
... to Siem Reap respective Angkor Vat - bring your camera, water and take your time to wander around and capture the amazing sculptures made by mother nature melting several kind of trees into the temple site... ;-)
Another must see temple in Angkor region and all they have different view, aspect and beauty especially Ta Prohm was incredible with trees and natural state taking over also the Hollywood made up this temple so po...
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Viti's Tuk Tuk & Car Driver
#4 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
This trip was exactly what we wanted - being dropped off at the great spots / sights (options to stop at others and take photos) with Viti giving us a brief bit of history before we braved the 38 degrees wander th...
He took us to the various sites, gave us a brief explanation and was extremely patient, allowing us to take our time at each temple.
Angkor Archaeological Park
#5 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
The main sites are Baphuon, Phimeanakas, Prasat Suor Prat, Bayon, Terrace of Elephants, South Gate, Ta Som, and the five city gates, which are South Gate, the most famous Victory Gate, East Gate, North Gate, and m...
This archaeological park is a UNESCO World Heritage site; consisting of the iconic and world famous Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom/Tha Phrom, Bayon , the terrace and several other beautiful and spectacular temples in thi...
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Angkor Thom
#6 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
We visited the complex during 2 days, and it was perfect, including these temples and sites: Angkor Thom South Gate, Bayon Temple (center of Angkor), Baphuon, Royal Enclosure, Phimeanakas, Elephant Terrace, Terrac...
Angkor Thom describes a very large site, featuring the Bayon, Phimeanakas & Baphuon temples, along with some magnificent entrance Gates (South Gate, Gate of the Dead and Victory Gate) Parking is available near the...
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Banteay Srei
#7 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
There are small water bodies almost every few yards resplendent with lush green irrigated sites, the breeze gently swaying the crops, soothing green banana trees everywhere and white cows grazing in the fields.
Lovely little site that is smaller than the other main ones but equally as interesting with the added bonus that it is skittle further away which is a lovely journey and go early, beat the heat and you will enjoy...
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Seng English Speaking Tuk Tuk & Car Driver
#8 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
We had 2 days of Tuk Tuk local touring (Angkor Wat and local sites within Siem Reap) and a day further afield (Koh Ker and Beng Mealea temple groups) in Mr Seng's clean and comfortable Toyota Camry.
Day 1: Kompong Pluk Day 2: sunrise @ Angkor Wat, small circle Day 3: mount Kulen, Beng Mealea, Roluos Group Day 4: Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean, Big Circle Although we had taken much longer in each of the sights, Seng...
Preah Khan
#9 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
The colours of Preah Khan when being hit by the sun are stunning and spectacular - the statues and faces in the walls are simply incredible - so much caractere and steep history makes this an amazing site to come...
I heard people said Preah Khan temple or sacred sword that is one of the most beautiful temples at complex which you can see all natural views with fine carvings, big walls within arts.
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The Happy Ranch Horse Farm
#10 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
If you are looking for a authentic view of the land and a quiet ride on well trained horses with informed and friendly guides ...this is the place for you and your family!
With the sights, you are able to see a different side of the village to the city.
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The Victory Gate
#11 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
After visiting Angkor Thom we exited the site via this gate, stopping to take some piccies and have a closer look at the elephant carvings (that frame/hold up the heads), the complex is massive with lots to see, h...
Make sure you pass through here while visiting the Archaeological Sites, this is a great feature to photograph in the park.
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#12 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
It takes you through different famous sites, places from history.
Artbox in cambodia so good and nice view have a lot of the picture from EU ASIA and over the world.
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Angkor Silk Farm
#13 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Come early (or stay after) to see the main workshop in Siem Riep where there is a tour of the on-site workshops for woodworking, stone carving, and many other crafts.
Visitors are guided by factory guide to have a close view of the manufacturing process.
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Banteay Samre
#14 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
... serious plus to carrying out the massive circuit, including the temple is it's less crowded than the tiny circuit (Ta Prohm, bayon and also Angkor wat), however has such incredible design and breathtaking views.
superb place to meditate.. there is an area outdoors where you can sit under the trees, listen to the birds and appreciate the amazing carvings and view.
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Baphuon Temple
#15 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
But the challenge is all worth it; the panoramic views and photo opportunities along the way and at the top are sensational!! Like most other temples in the area the architecture, sculptures and carvings are amazing.
Reaching the innermost wall which will also be the topmost level, you'll get to have a clear panoramic view of the surrounding lush grounds with peaks of the other temples popping up among the trees.
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Banteay Kdei
#16 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Of all he sites we visited I have chosen to pick this one as we took out guide's advice after the usual Ta Prrohm, Angkor Wat etc day ( fabulous) and stretch our experience with an outer selection of temples that...
The view of the tree across a small pond with the towers reflecting in the water is among the best in Angkor.
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#17 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
You can climb the temple to the top for very good views of the surrounds, and I especially liked the elephant statues adorning each terrace corner.
For me it is one of the important (of course if we know the background and significance... we know how important a site is) * It is the oldest one for constructing in Mount meru type architecture (Khmer Style) for...
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Ta Prohm Temple
#18 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Amazing site with tree roots cover on, we enjoyed the visit to Ta Prohm temple , we visited there after visited Angkor Wat temple in order to avoid from hot weather, we really happy with our tour.
If you could reach before 9, that would give you fantastic view and experience!
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Ta Nei Temple
#19 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
You can fully explore the site which appears to be preparing for restoration works (in late 2018), but my friend and I found the state of neglect quite mystical and romantic.
Beautiful site silent except for the birds
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Pre Rup
#20 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
For those able to tackle the stairs, you will be rewarded with great views across the site on which this temple stands and surrounding area, as well as viewing the towers up-close that you saw from a distance down...
Stunning, ethereal beauty at 0600 as the sky lightens and starts to go pink, walking amid the ruins to climb up for the view and share it with only a handful of others was magical.
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Daniel English Speaking Tuk Tuk Driver
#21 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
... to our hotel, organised an evening out at local restaurant with show, took us to sunrise at Angkor Wat and the other temples and finally organised a private boat hire to view the sunset at the floating village.
Our 1hour 20min ride in his tuk tuk to Banteay Srei temple was particularly enjoyable as we get to see the interesting sights along the way and feeling the wind (and dust at times) and the little road bumps.
Eastern Mebon
#22 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
A relatively large temple offering great views coupled with amazing artistic carvings and ruins.
East Mebon, like all other Angkor Temples remains a Divine excellence site to pay a Pilgrimage to.
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Wat Preah Prom Rath
#23 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
It was a different sort of site than Anghor Wat, but very beautiful and colorful and definitely worth visiting and costs nothing.
Legend holds it that the site was established around the year 1500 AD when a famous monk landed ashore on a piece of his sinking boat.
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Terrace of the Elephants
#24 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
This is a must when you visit Bayon Temple, a Magnificent landscape full of life in all forms, the view leads to the oriental entry of Angkor Thom.
Differing from other sites temples, the terrace provides a sense of grandeur and magnificence.
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Roluos Temples
#25 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Rolous Group of temple consist of Lo Lei temple, Preah Koh temple, and Bakong Temple, which are ancient Khmer civilization site of Hariharalaya which flourished in the late 9th and earlier 10th centuries !
The first capital of Khmer Empire, we feel so privilege to be able to visit this historical site.
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New Hope Cambodia
#26 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
Ta Keo
#27 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
The final set of steps to the very top are still the original stone ones and are very steep and narrow, but well worth the climb if you can for great views of the Temple and surrounding area as well as viewing the...
Anyway the view above the giant trees is breathtaking & you can spend some time taking in the view without the crowds.
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Terrace of the Leper King
#28 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
If able to negotiate the many stone steps (steep, narrow and pieces missing here and there) you will be afforded a spectacular view of your surroundings as well as discover the replica statue of the Leper King.
This is an ideal place to visit if you are longing for a breather and spacious views after visiting too many cramped temples.
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Wat Thmey (Killing Fields)
#29 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
There is a stupa (memorial) that contains the remains of many of the victims, you see sites of mass graves and there is a very small museum.
As sad and disturbing as it is, you must visit this site if in Pnom Penh The audio tour is adequate for you to get and understanding of the site and allows you to do it at your own pace There’s some real parts tha...
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Neak Pean
#30 of 95 Sights & Landmarks in Siem Reap
The dirt pathway takes you out onto a moat surrounding the temple and there are some nice views and photo opportunities of the water and vegetation for something quite different to the other temples.
The Buddhist temple in the centre pool of five gives the visitor a calming effect, it was nice just to sit in amongst the greenery that covers the site.
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